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I would really like to give you an impression of my guitars…
But how can I explain

capability of modulation,
etc.. ?

It is impossible.

A guitar has to be experienced, heard and felt, ideally compared to an instrument you know.
This is something you can do in my workshop, I usually have some finished guitars here
- if you are interested, you are welcome.

Classical Guitar Spruce/Maple

Gitarre Fichte / Ahorn Gitarre Ahorn, Rückseite Gitarre Ahorn, Detail Gitarre Ahorn, Detail

Classical Guitar Spruce/Indian Rosewood

Gitarre Fichte / Palisander Gitarre Fichte / Palisander, Detail Gitarre Fichte / Palisander, Rückseite Gitarre Fichte / Palisander, Detail

Classical Guitar Western Red Cedar/Indian Rosewood

Gitarre Zeder / Palisander Gitarre Zeder / Palisander, Detail Gitarre Zeder / Palisander, Detail

Classical Guitar Spruce/Black Locust

Gitarre Fichte / Robinie Gitarre Fichte / Robinie, Rückseite Gitarre Fichte / Robinie, Detail Gitarre Fichte / Robinie, Detail
Top is spruce, back, sides, fingerboard (ebonized), bridge and head-plate are steamed black locust, the neck maple.
All woods used are of European origin and none of them is endangered or overexploited.
Its tonal properties are excellent.

Classical Guitar Spruce/Purpleheart

Gitarre Fichte / Amaranth Gitarre Fichte / Amaranth, Rückseite Gitarre Fichte / Amaranth, Detail Gitarre Fichte / Amaranth, Detail